Countries were assessed based on their position on the six most important elements of the LULUCF regulation.

  1. LULUCF target: the ambition of the LULUCF Regulation to increase the ability of land and forests to remove CO2 from the atmosphere
  2. Forest Management Reference level: the accounting rules for how emissions and removals from existing forests should be measured
  3. Forest management cap: a cap for how many credits can be used to offset emissions from deforestation
  4. Afforestation: the accounting rules for how emissions and removals from new forests should be measured
  5. Harvested wood products: the accounting rules for how carbon stored in harvested wood products should be counted

For each category, points are awarded based on country positions in relation to the Commission proposal, as explained in the box below. The countries’ positions come from a number of sources, notably papers submitted to the Working Party on Environment and declarations by ministers in Environment Council meetings. Countries were given the opportunity to comment on an early draft. Malta is excluded as it currently holds the Presidency of the Council and is acting in a neutral capacity.